About OokerDookers

Luke lives in the Twin Cities and roots for the Minnesota Twins, so why does he wear that Detroit Tigers hat? He is patiently awaiting his season ticket seat selection for Target Field, but will undoubtedly miss the Metrodome during the eight months per year that snowstorms run afoul of Minnesota. He spends most days believing that he can run from first to third, refusing to acknowledge that he has an OBP of .000, and that if he did reach base, he would be lifted for a pinch runner anyway.

Luke can usually be found listening to Twins games on the radio while he contemplates the high levels of xenon exposure that surround him. Also, he can be found watching games on a nice 42″ HDTV, wondering why the games are always being broadcast in standard definition on his days off. If he is really fortunate and his lovely wife is kind enough to bring him along, he can be found across the river at the Metrodome or maybe staying on the east bank and catching a Saints game at Midway Stadium.